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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ALF Fellows Program?

For each Fellows Program in each Chapter each year, ALF selects 20 - 25 senior leaders from the business, social and political spheres to participate in the ALF Fellows program. The one-year program includes monthly seminars on collaborative leadership topics and community issues, a six-day Wilderness experience, and, in some chapters, a class project that examines a pressing regional issue. One of the most important aspects of the program is the strong personal friendships that develop between the Fellows, promoting lifelong relationships that span multiple boundaries. Click on "People" and "Programs" above to learn more.

Who are the ALF Fellows and Senior Fellows?

ALF Fellows are members of the class currently participating in the ALF Fellows Program. Senior Fellows are individuals that have participated in and graduated from ALF's Fellows program. Click on "People" above to see a list of Current Fellows and Senior Fellows.

How does one become an ALF Fellow?

Some ALF chapters have an application process, while in others participation is by invitation only. Members are selected for their recognized leadership position in the community, as well as their potential to provide collaborative leadership and regional stewardship in the future. The selection process is also designed to create a diverse group within each class of Fellows, bringing together individuals from different sectors, ethnic backgrounds, religious traditions, political affiliations, genders, geographies, and more.

Does ALF take positions on community or political issues?

Because ALF primarily serves to bring together diverse leaders to better serve the community, the organization typically does not hold positions on community or political issues. ALF, as an organization, would require a resolution by the Board of Directors in order to take a position on any issue. ALF Fellows and Senior Fellows, on the other hand, frequently advocate for positions on community issues, and ALF encourages such activity. The views of ALF Fellows and Senior Fellows, however, should not be construed as those of the organization, its staff, or its Board of Directors.

How can I get ALF involved in a particular community issue?

Most of the potential for positive impact on the community lies within the network of ALF Senior Fellows. Check the individual chapter websites for information.

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