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The ALF Fellows Program

ALF's primary vehicle for leadership development is the delivery of its Fellows Programs through its local chapters.

Each year, twenty to twenty-five men and women - proven leaders from all sectors - are selected in each chapter community to participate in the program. The program year begins with an orientation, and includes a series of monthly seminars such as conflict management and resolution, ethics, vision and change, and emerging themes in leadership, as well as a weeklong wilderness experience in which each class faces the challenge of scaling a mountaintop. Conquering the mountain is a collective and individual victory that leads participants to tap into seldom-used inner resources in a way that transforms their perceptions of personal abilities, and strengthens and adds new dimensions to their visions of themselves and others and what, together, they can do.

ALF distinguishes itself from other leadership programs by creating an environment that builds trust among a broad cross section of individuals who are already established leaders in their respective fields. These leaders are in a unique position to collectively and collaboratively bring to bear the diverse perspectives, the intellectual capabilities, and the power and influence necessary to make good things happen in their communities.



In addition to the Core Fellows Program offered in each ALF Chapter, since 2006 ALF-Houston has offered Single Sector Fellows Programs. The goal is to build relationships within a single sector of the community by getting class members to understand each others’ roles and perspectives better.

Single Sector Fellows are selected to represent the broad range of perspectives that exist within a single sector and are brought together to establish bonds of shared knowledge and trust so that they will be able to collaborate more effectively. The curriculum is essentially the same as in a core class; the people gathered together are focused on a single sector. The plan is to offer a rotating schedule by sector. 

The following classes have been offered so far in Houston:

  • 2006: Healthcare
  • 2007: Healthcare; Public Education
  • 2008: Healthcare; Public Education
  • 2009: Public Education; Criminal Justice
  • 2010: Public Education; Criminal Justice
  • 2011: Healthcare; Criminal Justice
  • 2012: Healthcare; Criminal Justice
  • 2013: Community Development
  • 2014: Juvenile Justice

ALF Oregon has offered a Collaboration Laboratory in Juvenile Justice.  ALF Silicon Valley is now offering the Education Innovation Network.

Beginning in 2015, Leadership Memphis will offer a 3-year cycle of ALF Criminal/Juvenile Justice Fellows Programs.

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