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Overview & Mission

American Leadership Mission

The American Leadership Forum is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to join and strengthen diverse leaders to better serve the public good.  We do this through a yearlong Fellows Program in each Chapter's community in which leaders can engage in dialogue, differ, and build relationships.  ALF strengthens Fellows’ capacity to address public issues collaboratively and builds a strong leadership network to work for positive change in our community.

American Leadership Forum Core Values

  1. Primacy of relationship
  2. Appreciation, exploration and inclusion of diversity
  3. Dialogue and Collaboration
  4. Service to the common good
  5. Inner reflection and personal growth

American Leadership Forum Cornerstones

These Core Values lead to a curriculum based on the following "Cornerstones:"

  1. Building trust and networks among diverse leaders
  2. Motivating leaders to take responsibility and make a difference
  3. Strengthening capacities for community change
  4. Exploring the interconnectedness of communities, nations, and the world
  5. Exploring and enriching personal values
  6. Understanding and empowering self and others
  7. Exploring, understanding, and valuing diversity
  8. Inspiring leaders to a lifetime of active public engagement

Gregory B. Markus, professor of political science and senior research scientist at the University of Michigan, has developed a resource list of recommended readings for ALF's Cornerstones. Click the links above to access the reading lists for Cornerstones #2-7.

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